Urgent appeal of the Mayor of Vienna

In the last hours, crowds of people have formed at many offices of the City Administration despite the restrictions on movement imposed by the Austrian government. In light of the current situation, the Vienna City Administration urges the population to respect their fellow citizens by complying with these measures and publishes an urgent appeal of the Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig:

Dear people of Vienna,
We are living in difficult times. Many of us are worried about themselves and their loved ones. I understand this well – we all want to avoid infection with the coronavirus. For this reason, I ask you to comply with the measures and regulations of the federal government. Please be mindful of yourself and those around you.

I have heard that many people have decided to use the restrictions on movement as an opportunity to take care of official business and paperwork – queues are forming in some district offices, as well as in hospitals, where many have come with health questions.

Let me say this clearly: Do not risk your life and the lives of those working for the good of the public. Please stay at home and only go to the offices of the public authorities in cases where it is absolutely necessary. Remember, for the next two weeks, everything will go into emergency operation mode, so there is no reason to go to the district office or any other public authority except in very rare and urgent cases. You can take care of your paperwork when the government gives the all-clear without risking your health or that of someone else. In many cases you can also file applications online or by phone.

Please be reasonable. Stay at home; you have access to all you need at the moment: supermarkets are open, and power, water, gas, waste disposal and public transport are provided, and emergency services, hospitals and care facilities are working for you around the clock with extra staff. There is also childcare in kindergartens and schools for those who have no other option.

Dear people of Vienna, in these trying times I ask you, for everyone’s safety: please comply with the restrictions for the time being so that you do not endanger yourself or others. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Ludwig, Mayor of Vienna